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Red Fox
Red Fox

Red Fox

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This sweet little woodland fox is part of a  series of needle felted animals was inspired by a recent bear encounter that my girls had while camping. The inner structure is made using alpaca fleece and the outer layers and details are needle felted using hand dyed wool sourced in the North Carolina mountains.  This creature creation measures 4.5" tall by 3" wide. If you are interested in one or have a specific totem animal you would like to have made please message me. We all know that relative or friend who is obsessed with owls, frogs, or chickens and has them all over their house. I bet they don't have a needle felted wool version of that animal in their collection.
Surprise them with a special gift to let them know you are thinking of them during these trying times. Prices range from $20-50 depending on size, detail and complexity. For example the small hedgehog or a chicken would be $20 and an elephant would be in the $50 range. Check out our shop for other needle felted animal listings.