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Creative Services for business /sponsorship opportunities

Does your business need a jingle  for radio or an animated video to engage customers ? Futureshine Creative Services by artist /musician  Mark Dannon  Herbert can help 

here's a special video greeting I made for Milestones Learning center (I have been a music educator there for over 16 years!)

Anything from a graphic design for a t shirt  or menu board  to an engaging music video  highlighting your businesses unique  offerings 

Show your Send someone a special short animated  created  movie just for them


 clients as Warner Brothers ,  Live Oak Real Estate ,  K9000 dog wash Milestones Learning center  , the Learning tree , Watermans Brewery , Boombalatis Ice Cream, Brewer's Kettle and many   more 

email for project pricing quote  today 

Mark Herbert 910 2286210 


here's some music I scored for a film student  and friend of mine 

 a mock up for a graphic design concept based off of a photo of a frog in my window 


a special commission for Warner Brothers project 

a short  sound track I produced for  Mike Steeles animation reel 

Animation Reel 2021 from Mike Steele on Vimeo.


 Digital work for a fundraising project 


 commercial for new product