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Sprouting Hearts

Homeless Gnomes for Gnomeless Homes !

Homeless Gnomes for Gnomeless Homes !

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These adorable wool gnomes need new homes. I am forever crafting new creatures and gnomes by night. That leaves these to gaze at the moon by night and stare at the sun all day waiting to be adopted by a loving family. They are all unique and have a different look from beard to facial features and colored hats and robes. I have hand crafted each one from wool sourced from a farm in Asheville, NC.  Sometimes I use upcycled wool sweater remnants to form the core of the body. Our studio is proud of how much we recycle and repurpose items to help make our products. These gnomes are formed with both wet felting and needle felting techniques to get the shape and detail. This listing is for a random homeless gnome of the (artist's, my) choosing. I always have a few of these guys around that need a home before or after my next show. Let me pick the cutest one on the shelf for you. Plus don't you like surprises? Every one of them is sure to please. 

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