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Sensory Shooting Stars
Sensory Shooting Stars

Sensory Shooting Stars

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These soft shooting stars are the perfect tossing toy for indoor play.  They are each lovingly handstitched.  This batch of stars is made using an upcycled remnants from a felted wool and angora coat.  I stuff each star with soft wool fibers or alpaca fleece instead of using plastic polyfil.  They are adorned with beautiful rainbow ribbon and yarn streamers. This listing is for a single star. 

Sensory Play: Have a grumpy kid...put afew drops of your favorite mood lifting essential oil on these stars and watch their mood soar asthey toss it around.  

Care Instructions: These stars can be gently handwashed with cold water and a mild soap.  Wool stuffing can clump and shrink with hot water or agitation so machine washing is not advisable.  Hang dry or tumble on low inside of a stocking. 

RECOMMENDED For ages 5 and up: Due to the ribbon and yarn streamers  measuring 12"-15" this toy can pose a strangulation hazard to very young children.  Recommended for children 5 and up.  If using with children under  5 years of age please cut streamers shorter. Supervise play with children under 5.