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What Would Mark Anthony Do? A new collection to pay tribute to a friend

This new  collection is to honor the life of my friend Mark Anthony Mueller 

I have  been raising money to contribute towards Mark Anthonys  gofundme  for medical expenses and funeral expenses to help support his loving wife Kim during this time of her great loss.  Feel free to donate directly here as well

This is also  the the home for items that will benefit  several non profits that were near and dear to his heart  as well as a pay it forward program to designed to give small gestures of kindness  and spread  through free downloadable art  and free prints .. Look for different weekly features to support these non profits here  or just take one of our free items  we periodically post there   pass along an act of kindness to a stranger 


 more to come! 

#wwmad? #randomactsofmarkness

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